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Our business strategy is underpinned by the Luxfer Model, which consists of five key themes:

Strong Customer Relationships:
Luxfer´s business philosophy places the customer at the centre of everything we do. We strive to establish lasting relationships, enabling us to work closely with customers as partner-of-choice to ensure that our products meet or exceed their operational goals. Many of our customers are blue chip companies that have worked with us in this way for decades.

Manufacturing Excellence:
Over many years the Group has focused on achieving world-class levels of operational performance, supported by a major investment in “Enterprise Resource Planning” (ERP) systems. A fundamental part of Luxfer's approach is the use of external auditors to benchmark progress against a rigorous checklist of world-class standards.

Luxfer has always recognised the importance of the creative ability of its employees. This ability to harness marketing insight and design skills to its research and development capability, constantly generates new solutions to customer needs. Every year we make a major investment in product development across the Group.  

Thanks to the ingenuity of our own people and close collaboration with the best research departments in universities around the world, Luxfer has developed a steady stream of new products, including carbon composite lightweight gas cylinders, L7X aluminium gas cylinders, G4 zirconium oxides for automotive and chemical catalysis, Isolux zirconium separation products, and Elektron magnesium alloys for advanced aerospace and specialist automotive applications.
This commitment to innovation is driving the growth of the Luxfer Group worldwide.

Strong Technical Base:
Expertise in material science and a commitment to extending the boundaries of our core materials coupled with world-leading expertise in manufacturing and processing techniques, are at the core of Luxfer's business. Luxfer´s proprietary technologies, technical know-how and global presence generate our competitive advantage over alternative suppliers.

High Performance Products into Specialist Markets:
Our expertise in metallurgy and materials science enables us to develop materials and products with superior performance to satisfy the most demanding requirements in even the most extreme environments. Luxfer's products can be found in operation from the depths of the ocean to the far reaches of the solar system.

We design some products to operate at absolute zero and others to work with molten metal. We produce materials that operate in a complete vacuum and cylinders that safely contain gases at high pressures. Increasingly our technologies are in demand because of the growing need to protect the environment, to provide better healthcare solutions and to protect people and equipment in the safest possible ways.

Learn more about our expertise in material technology.

LUXFER GROUP - a global materials technology company.


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