End Use: Environmental

Our key end-markets are Environmental, Healthcare, Protection and Speciality technologies.

ISOLUX water purification technology


The versatility of our core raw materials means that many of Luxfer´s specialist products are very much in tune with today´s need to protect and improve the environment. Care of the environment features strongly in current sales and applications and is an important consideration as we develop future business.

Cleaning up the environment:
Luxfer´s zirconium products are non-hazardous to the ecosphere and provide safe substitutes for more harmful traditional materials.
Click here to learn more about our zirconium products.

Cleaning up exhaust emissions:
Luxfer has sold ceria-zirconia products into the automotive industry for many years for use in catalytic converters in petrol engines. New products are under development for both mobile and static diesel engines. Click here to learn more about our products.

Water purification:
Luxfer´s Isolux® range of water purification products is an environmentally safe system for the removal of arsenic, lead and other heavy metals from drinking water. Click here to learn more about our water purification products.

Industrial clean-up:
The MELSorb® range of industrial wastewater treatments removes heavy metals for safe disposal from wastewater streams. Click here to learn more about MELSorb.

Improving fuel efficiency:
Luxfer´s Elektron® lightweight magnesium alloys and lightweight Superform® aluminium, magnesium and titanium panels are widely used for aircraft, rail transport, trucks, buses and cars to lower weight and improve fuel efficiency. Luxfer´s composite gas cylinders and associated fuel control systems are being used for alternative fuel vehicles. Click here to learn more about our lightweight magnesium alloys. Click here to learn more about Superform. Click here to learn more about AF gas cylinders.

Carbon dioxide capture:
Capturing carbon dioxide is a key developing application for Luxfer´s MELSorb® technologies. Click here to learn more about MELSorb.

Alternative energy systems:
Luxfer is providing a new generation of stabilised zirconias for use in fuel cells that will have no noxious emissions. MELCat® technologies are also being used in the development of alternative energy from biomass, which will be significant for future energy production. Click here to learn more about our MELCat technologies.

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