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Our key end-markets are Environmental, Healthcare, Protection and Speciality technologies.

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Luxfer Oxygen medical cylinder in use with paramedics


The medical sector has long been an important market for Luxfer, and we are committed to developing new products to benefit patients.

Containment of medical gases:
Luxfer offers the world´s most comprehensive range of cylinders for medical gases. Our aluminium cylinders are 30% lighter in weight than comparable steel cylinders and are safe to use around MRI equipment because they are non-magnetic. Recent innovations include the lightweight IOS® (Intelligent Oxygen System) featuring Luxfer´s patented L7X® higher strength aluminium alloy and carbon composite cylinders integrated with Luxfer´s patented SmartFlow® valve-regulator technology. Click here to learn more about our medical cylinders.

Emergency medical services:
Luxfer offers a growing range of carbon composite cylinders that are up to 75% lighter in weight than steel cylinders. These are becoming increasingly popular in emergency medical services (EMS). Luxfer´s L7X® lined composite cylinder is the world´s lightest-weight, high-capacity medical cylinder and has already been adopted by BOC Medical for EMS use. These carbon fibre-wrapped cylinders use Luxfer´s exclusive, patented L7X® higher-strength aluminium alloy. Click here to learn more about our cylinders.

Medical treatment:
Luxfer´s MELSorb® technologies are being used in the development of portable dialysis equipment, “a wearable artificial kidney”. Luxfer has developed Synermag® bio-absorbable magnesium and is working with partners to develop its use in vascular intervention, skeletal repair and tissue repair. Click here to learn more about our MELSorb products. Click here to learn more about bio-absorbable alloys.

Medical equipment:
Luxfer developed the magnesium alloy used in the world´s first portable, wireless, digital, radiographic imaging device. Superform´s non-magnetic, lightweight aluminium and magnesium panels are used on advanced medical equipment, including MRI and CAT Scan units.
Click here to learn more about our magnesium alloys. Click here to learn more about Superform.

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