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Our key end-markets are Environmental, Healthcare, Protection and Speciality technologies.

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Firemen using Luxfer SCBA cylinders


Many of Luxfer's products have been developed to protect people and equipment in conflict and emergency situations.

Protection of emergency service personnel:
Our super-lightweight LCX-SLŽ breathing-air cylinder, incorporating our latest carbon composite technology, offers significant weight saving to emergency service personnel operating in dangerous environments where every ounce counts. Click here to learn more about our gas cylinders. 

Protection of military aircraft:
Luxfer´s ultra-fine atomised magnesium powder is a principal ingredient in infrared counter-measure flares used to protect aircraft from heat-seeking missile attack. Luxfer is the largest producer of atomised magnesium powder in the world. Click here to learn more about our magnesium powders. 

Protection of military personnel:
Several of Luxfer´s ElektronŽ rolled magnesium alloys qualify as military armour material. Good ballistic performance and low density provide high-level troop protection and fuel conservation while maintaining manoeuvrability critical to the success of armoured vehicles. Click here to learn more about magnesium plate. 

Fire protection:
Luxfer has supplied one-piece aluminium cylinders for carbon dioxide fire extinguishers for decades. Click here to learn more about our fire gas cylinders. 

Escape equipment:
The latest Luxfer carbon-wrapped cylinder technology has been developed to provide rapid-exhaust lightweight cylinders for inflation of aircraft emergency escape slides. Luxfer has also developed miniature cylinders for use in personal escape sets. These provide sufficient air to safely exit from a burning building, ship, train or other smoke-filled environment. Click here to learn more about these products.

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