Luxfer Group is a global materials technology company with operations around the world that work closely with customers to find innovative solutions to their needs for advanced materials, components and gas containment.

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LUXFER GROUP - a global materials technology company

Luxfer Group designs, manufactures and supplies high-performance materials, components and gas cylinders to customers in a broad range of growing end-markets.

Our aim is to develop close working collaborative relationships with customers to find new solutions to their needs for advanced materials.

Our focus is on demanding applications where our knowledge of material science and manufacturing expertise combine to deliver a superior product. Click here to learn more about our expertise.


Our business development is concentrated on the growing demand for environmental, healthcare and protection technologies.

Luxfer Group is the world leader in the manufacture of:
- magnesium alloys, magnesium powders and magnesium products;
- zirconium chemicals and oxides;
- superformed components in aluminium, magnesium and titanium;
- high pressure aluminium and carbon composite gas cylinders;

The Group is truly international employing approximately 1,630 people in over 25 countries. It operates 18 manufacturing plants in 7 countries, UK, USA, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Canada and China, plus joint ventures in Japan and India. Revenue in 2011 was 317.3 million.


Luxfer´s products are in use all around us in most countries of the world.

Applications for our products include:
- improving fuel economy by lightweighting aircraft, trucks, buses, trains and cars;
- controlling emissions from road vehicles, converting noxious gases into harmless ones;
- removing toxic metals from drinking water and industrial effluent;
- improving patient mobility and quality of life with lightweight, portable medical equipment; and
- protecting people and equipment in conflict and emergency situations.

Environmental, healthcare and protection applications are a key focus of our business development, with the aim of generating more new products alongside those produced for our more traditional specialist markets.


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LUXFER GROUP - a global materials technology company.


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