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Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Luxfer presents its Gender Pay Gap Reports for 2017, as required by the U.K. Government Equalities Office.

Across the Luxfer businesses we recognize the value in diversity as a key differentiator. As such, we are committed to actively and aggressively reducing our gender pay gap.

At the data snapshot date of April 5, 2017, two of the Luxfer U.K. subsidiary companies had greater than 250 employees:

  • Luxfer Gas Cylinders Limited, and

  • Magnesium Elektron Limited.

Separate Gender Pay Gap Reports for these companies can be found via clicking the relevant link below. In addition, Luxfer presents a separate report for its entire U.K. employee base under the name of its parent company, Luxfer Holdings PLC. This can be accessed by clicking on the relevant link below. Overall, we believe the hiring of Heather Harding as Chief Financial Officer in January 2018 demonstrates Luxfer’s value in diversity and commitment to shortening its global gender pay gap.


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