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Health and Safety

Health & safety is a top priority for Luxfer and at the heart of its business operations around the world.

We strive to avoid any incidents that could cause harm to individuals or put our facilities at risk.

We are proud of our exceptional safety record but maintaining this standard requires constant vigilance and we continually seek to improve our practices and performance. Examples of the way we achieve this are as follows:

  • Implementation of divisional health and safety policies, tailored to the specific requirements of each business.

  • Review of health and safety policies and procedures as a core element in corporate risk assessments and as a regular agenda item during business review meetings undertaken by the CEO.

  • Appointment of a designated health and safety officer for each Luxfer business. The H&S officer is primarily responsible for ensuring that their business remains compliant with applicable laws, regulations and policies.

  • Appointment of a designated member of the executive leadership team with responsibility for supervising, co-ordinating and reporting on health and safety aspects across all Luxfer businesses.

  • Quarterly reporting by the CEO to the Luxfer Board of Directors.

  • Periodic cross-audits between businesses and routine meetings of health and safety officers, providing representatives from different divisions with an opportunity to discuss and share advice on best practice. Recommendations are duly reported and followed up at business reviews with the CEO.

  • Engagement of external specialists to advise on health and safety matters as and when required.

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