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Environment, Social and Governance

Our commitments to environmental and social sustainability through innovation, engagement and leadership.

Luxfer's business, like many others, is deeply intertwined with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) matters. Just as our mission and values are an inextricable part of how we do business, so is ESG. It is incorporated into the strategies, policies and values that govern Luxfer's operations, reflecting our commitment to sustainable long-term growth.

We acknowledge that ESG matters are important to our shareholders and stakeholders and as such, our 2020 ESG Report is the first step towards increasing overall accountability and transparency. Together with our employees, customers, shareholders, stakeholders and communities, Luxfer is committed to a collaborative approach to solving global environmental and social challenges.

Ensuring hydrogen power plays its part in a 'Green Industrial Revolution':

Despite the challenging economic environment of the past year, Luxfer's 20-year legacy in hydrogen fuel storage has led Luxfer Gas Cylinders to see a five-fold increase in inquiries in 2020 from forward thinking companies exploring the power of hydrogen for transportation projects.

As the world's largest manufacturer of high-pressure composite and aluminum cylinders, Luxfer Gas Cylinders has unrivalled industry-leading expertise in designating and supplying the storage systems that hold the alternative fuel.

Luxfer is committed to developing low emission alternative fuel solutions as a realistic alternative for the transportation industry.


Recognizing that the success of our Company requires continued focus on these evolving topics, our 2020 Environmental, Social and Governance Report sets forth our commitment to regularly evaluate and improve our operational performance. As part of the publication of this Report, we have improved our processes for evaluating, measuring and addressing the environmental and social impacts of our business so that we can continue our transformation to becoming the all-around sustainable company that we want to be – fiscally, socially and environmentally.

Read our 2020 Environmental, Social and Governance Report:

Click the link below to learn more about Luxfer's alternative fuel solutions:


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