Luxfer's Expertise

Innovative Solutions in Material Technology

Innovative Solutions in Material Technology

Our Expertise

Our area of expertise covers the chemical and metallurgical properties of aluminium, magnesium, zirconium, carbon and rare earths, and we have pioneered the application of these materials in many high-technology industries.

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For example:

  • We were the first to use rare earths to develop and patent a magnesium alloy (EZ33A) for use in high-temperature aerospace applications such as helicopter gearboxes.

  • We were at the forefront of the commercial development of zirconia-rich mixed oxides for use in automotive catalysis.

  • We were the first to manufacture a high-pressure gas cylinder out of a single piece of aluminium using cold impact extrusion.

  • And we developed and patented the superforming process and the first superplastic aluminium alloy (AA2004) and were the first to offer superformed aluminium panel-work commercially.

We have a long history of innovation derived from our strong technical base, and we work closely with customers to apply innovative solutions to their most demanding product needs.

For more information on our knowledge of materials see the Luxfer Periodic Table.

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