Innovative Solutions in Material Technology

Innovative Solutions in Material Technology

Environment Risk Management

Luxfer Group is committed to a high standard of environmental management to ensure legislative compliance across all operations.

The main elements in our approach to environmental risk are:

  • A designated member of the Executive Management Board to monitor, co-ordinate and report upon the environment and environmental issues relevant to the Group and its activities for specific regions of the Group’s international operations;

  • Each operating site has a designated manager responsible for environmental matters who has appropriate knowledge and expertise;

  • All operating sites are required to comply with the Group Environmental Policy and their site-specific environmental management system;

  • External expertise and advice is sought as necessary and appropriate;

  • The Group is committed to achieve ISO14001 certification globally at larger manufacturing sites, and the majority of these sites have now attained the certification, as have some smaller sites;

  • All UK manufacturing sites requiring IPPC permits have attained them;

  • An appropriate environmental investigation and report for all new sites acquired by the Group.


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