Innovative Solutions in Material Technology

Innovative Solutions in Material Technology

Health and Safety

As an integral part of good business practice, the Group is committed to achieving and maintaining high standards of health and safety for all its employees, contractors, visitors and all those who may be affected by its operations.

The main elements in our approach to health and safety risk are:

  • A Group health and safety policy with which all operating units in the Group are required to comply;

  • Health and safety is considered as an element in the Group’s corporate risk assessment;

  • A designated health and safety officer for each operating unit in the Group appropriately trained and responsible for health and safety matters and compliance with relevant legislation;

  • A report on site and divisional health and safety by local management as a permanent agenda item at the regular business reviews undertaken by the Chief Executive Officer and the Group Finance Director;

  • A designated member of the Executive Management Board to monitor, co-ordinate and report upon the health and safety aspects of specific regions of the Group's international operation;

  • Quarterly reporting by the Chief Executive to the Board on health and safety in the quarter along with the reporting of any issue of which the Board should be aware between reports as appropriate;

  • Periodic cross-audits between operating units and regional periodic meetings of health and safety officers from operating units across the Group to provide an opportunity for best practice to be shared. Recommendations resulting from audits are reported on and followed up at subsequent business reviews with the Chief Executive;

  • Risks identified on a site basis and appropriate training of employees undertaken;

  • External professional expertise is sourced as and when appropriate;

  • Three Group health and safety awards made annually to the site with the 'Best Overall Safety Performance', the site with the 'Most Improved Safety Performance' and the 'Best Small Plant'. All employees at the award-winning sites participate in a reward.



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