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Executive Profiles

Leading with experience and expertise

Luxfer is led by an experienced and effective Executive Leadership Team, many of whom have been with us since the company was formed in 1996.

The following are members of the Executive Leadership Team:

Alok Maskara

Chief Executive Officer

Alok Maskara was named as the Chief Executive Officer of Luxfer and appointed to the Board of Directors in May 2017.

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Heather Harding

Chief Financial Officer

Heather Harding was named Chief Financial Officer of Luxfer in January 2018.

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Chris Barnes

President, Luxfer Graphic Arts

Chris Barnes is the President of Luxfer Graphic Arts.

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Andrew Butcher

President, Luxfer Gas Cylinders

Andrew Butcher has served as President of our global Luxfer Gas Cylinders business April 2014, having been the President of Luxfer Gas Cylinders North America from 2009 to 2014.

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Mark Chivers

Managing Director, Luxfer Superform

Mark Chivers was appointed Vice President and General Manager of Luxfer Superform in 2018.

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Peter Dyke

Chief Human Resource Officer

Peter Dyke joined Luxfer and was named Chief Human Resource Officer in January 2018.

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Jim Gardella

President, Luxfer Magtech

James Gardella was appointed President of Luxfer Magtech in July 2017.

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Peter Gibbons

Director, Sourcing and IT

Peter Gibbons was appointed Director of Sourcing and IT and became a member of the Executive Leadership Team in July 2017.

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Claire Swarbrick

General Counsel

Claire Swarbrick has been legal adviser to the Luxfer since joining the business in January 2012.

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Graham Wardlow

Managing Director, Luxfer MEL Technologies

Graham Wardlow was appointed Managing Director of Luxfer MEL Technologies in October 2017, following the merger of our MEL Chemicals with our Magnesium Elektron Alloys business.

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