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For any questions regarding the Exchange of ADSs for Ordinary Shares, download the document below.


Where is the headquarters for Luxfer Holdings located?

Luxfer is headquartered in Manchester, UK. The mailing address is:


Lumns Lane

Manchester M27 8LN

United Kingdom

On what exchange is Luxfer stock traded?

Luxfer's ordinary shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol LXFR.

Does Luxfer pay a cash dividend?

Yes. Luxfer has paid a regular quarterly cash dividend since February 2013. For a record of the cash dividend payments, please follow this link.

Does Luxfer have a dividend reinvestment program?

No. Luxfer does not currently have a dividend reinvestment program.

When did Luxfer have its initial public offering (IPO)?

The first day of trading of Luxfer stock (as an ADS) was on October 3, 2012.

What is the CUSIP number for Luxfer stock?

The CUSIP number for Luxfer ordinary shares is: G5698W116.

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