Innovative Solutions in Material Technology

Innovative Solutions in Material Technology

Specialty Technologies

Range of specialty automotive cylinders from Luxfer Gas Cylinders

Our specialty products include engraving plate for the graphic arts industry and gas cylinders for a range of special applications.

Graphic arts:

Photo-engraving plate is used by printers and sign makers to produce high-quality finishes. Luxfer produces the industry standard in magnesium photo-engraving plates.

Lightweight, fast-etching and environmentally friendly, magnesium is used for a variety of high-quality applications. Luxfer is the global leader in engraving metals and etching chemicals.

With the increasing trend to high-quality, customised packaging for consumer goods, this market will remain an important growth sector for us.

Learn more about our graphic arts materials.


Specialty gas containment:

Luxfer has developed a range of cylinders for special applications, including:

  • Specialty gas cylinders for rare gas and high-purity gas applications, including gases used in the manufacture of semiconductors and other electronic products.

  • Welding, cutting and fabrication gas cylinders.

  • Carbon dioxide cylinders for beverage dispensing.

  • Carbon dioxide cylinders for aquarium applications.

  • Cylinders used in refrigeration applications.

  • Compressed-air cylinders used in paintball markers.

  • Nitrous oxide cylinders used to boost engine performance in race cars and race boats.

  • Sampling cylinders used in petroleum product production.

  • Cylinders used for air enrichment in agricultural and hydroponic farming applications.


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