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Our Business

Gas Cylinders

Luxfer’s five business units – Luxfer Gas Cylinders, Luxfer Graphic Arts, Luxfer Magtech, Luxfer MEL Technologies and Luxfer Superform – provide innovative products and solutions worldwide to customers for use in a broad range of applications, primarily in General Industry, Defense & First Responders, Transportation, and Healthcare. We estimate the market for highly engineered materials and high-performance gas cylinders at approximately $10 billion.

General Industry

Luxfer serves a broad range of manufacturing and process industries with highly engineered materials that deliver unmatched performance.

  • High-purity zirconium compounds for catalytic processes
  • Magnesium specialty alloys for lightweight, durable products and components
  • Aluminum gas cylinders for specialty and reference gases
  • Magnesium, copper, zinc and brass plates and chemicals for high-quality etching and embossing
  • Unique soluble magnesium products that are used in hydraulic fracturing processes in oil and gas wells.
  • Magnesium chips, granules and powders for commercial applications

Defense & First Responders

People in emergency and conflict environments depend on Luxfer critical protection and security products.

  • SCUBA tanks used worldwide by navy divers, first responders, as well as recreational and commercial divers
  • High-pressure composite self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) air cylinders
  • High-performance aluminum fire extinguisher cylinders
  • Magnesium and specialty powders for defense applications
  • Flameless heating technology in military combat rations
  • Self-heating food and beverage products for military, emergency preparedness and disaster relief
  • Chemical warfare agent detection and decontamination kits for military and first responders


Luxfer meets the needs of transportation industries – aviation, automotive, and rail – with products that help drive performance, safety and aesthetics.

  • Composite pressure vessels that hold compressed natural gas and hydrogen on alternative-fuel busses and trucks
  • High-strength magnesium alloys fabricated into helicopter rotors, high-end automobile wheels, and other parts where light weight and heat resistance are also critical
  • Superformed components molded into complex shapes for use in automotive, aviation and rail, reducing weight of components while preserving wear and heat resistance
  • Emergency oxygen bottles used on airplanes
  • Zirconium-based oxides for gasoline engine catalytic converters
  • Desalination kits to tranform seawater into drinkable water


Luxfer is committed to developing new and innovative products to help patients globally.

  • Soluble magnesium alloys for bioresorbable devices
  • Aluminum gas cylinders for personal and institutional oxygen delivery
  • Zirconium compounds for use in pharmaceuticals and other biomedical applications:
    • MELox™ 3Y materials used for dental prosthesis in the dental industry
    • MELox™ range used for its strength, biocompatibility and low toxicity for bioimplants
    • Zirconium phosphate materials used to help with dialysis and ammonium removal

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