Innovative Solutions in Material Technology

Innovative Solutions in Material Technology


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Magnesium Elektron specialises in the development, manufacture and supply of magnesium products and services to technology industries worldwide.

 Since they first began processing magnesium in 1936, the company has earned a reputation for innovation based upon an ability to extend the metallurgical boundaries of magnesium alloy technology.

From manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom, United States and Czech Republic, Magnesium Elektron offers the widest range of high-performance magnesium products in the world:

Magnesium casting products

Speciality and commercial lightweight magnesium casting alloys for use in the aerospace, electronic and automotive industries.

Magnesium wrought products

A broad range of wrought magnesium alloys for a variety of engineering applications. Products include plate, sheet, coil, extrusion, bar, tube and cast products.

Magnesium powders

Magnesium powders for decoy flares used in the protection of aircraft and Grignard reagents for pharmaceutical and chemical synthesis, reduction of speciality metals such as Boron and Tantalum, steel desulphurisation and iron nodularisation processes, and commercial pyrotechnics.

Magnesium photo engraving plate

The world leader in engraving metals and etching chemicals.


Luxfer Magtech Inc. specializes in the research, development, manufacturing, packaging and marketing of portable, electrochemical heaters, self-heating, shelf-stable, package food and beverage products, chemical detection and decontamination products, and sea water desalinization kits.

Magnesium recycling

The Elektron Recycling Service, launched in 1997, offers a complete “collection of scrap to delivery of ingot service”. It is used by more than 20 of Europe’s leading automotive manufacturers and first-tier suppliers.

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