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Innovative Solutions in Material Technology

Innovative Solutions in Material Technology


Zr research & development

MEL Chemicals is a global producer and supplier of inorganic chemicals that specialises in zirconium-based chemicals.

 With research and development and manufacturing operations in the United Kingdom, United States and Japan, MEL have a long-established, global reputation for the production of high-quality zirconium-based chemicals. MEL Chemicals produce an extensive range of pure zirconia, doped zirconia and reactive Zirconium chemicals. A commitment to research and development allows MEL to tailor zirconia products to customer needs.


MEL Chemicals supply a wide range of catalyst-grade zirconium hydroxides and oxides for applications from automotive to hydrogenation, isomerisation and fuelprocessing catalysts.

Water treatment

Isolux® is an environmentally safe, highly efficient inorganic adsorbent system for the removal of heavy metals from drinking water systems, while MELSorb® removes heavy metals from waste water streams.

Carbon dioxide sorption

Carbon capture is important for environmental protection. However, in addition to traditional end-of-pipe-type reactions, many other chemical reactions and processes benefit from removal of carbon dioxide to give improved yields.


Use of zirconium oxides and doped zirconium oxides in technical and advanced ceramics is well established, notably for their electrical, wear and heat-resistant properties. Our doped and undoped zirconias are vital ingredients in a huge range of industrial and domestic products.

Nano technology

MEL Chemicals supplies aqueous suspensions of nano zirconia and nano stabilised zirconia materials with a particle range of 10-100nm.

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