Since inception, innovation and sustainability have played an integral role in driving Luxfer’s success. Environmental, health and safety (EHS) considerations are integrated into the policies, principles, and values that govern Luxfer’s business, thus reflecting our commitment to sustainable growth.

While Luxfer’s management is responsible for developing the Company’s strategy and managing day-to-day operations, Luxfer’s Board of Directors oversees the Company's approach to EHS matters, including the Company's governance-related policies and practices; our systems of risk oversight and management; how we advance sustainability in our business and operations; health and safety; human rights; human capital management and corporate culture; and the manner in which we serve our customers and support our communities. Luxfer recognizes that the long-term success of our Company requires continued focus on these evolving topics and a commitment to regularly evaluate and improve our performance in relation thereto.

We have improved our processes for evaluating, measuring, and addressing the environmental and social impacts of our operations. Moreover, we have set certain sustainability goals, which demonstrate our ongoing commitment to address these impacts. We recognize that EHS is an area of interest to our stakeholders, and, as such, we continue to take steps to enhance our overall transparency on these matters and improve our operations.