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We operate in industries with attractive end markets, where our high-performance products and solutions deliver demonstrable benefits that help to save lives, keep the environment cleaner, and make businesses more efficient and productive. We estimate that the market for highly-engineered advanced materials and high-performance gas cylinders is approximately $10 billion.

We maintain strong competitive positions, with proprietary products and processes, a robust portfolio of intellectual property, and enduring customer relationships forged over many years. Customers around the world look to Luxfer as setting the standard for product quality and performance.

We are engaged in a three-phase comprehensive company transformation to enhance growth, increase profitability, and improve cash generation:

  1. Simplification
  2. Developing a high-performance culture and talent and accelerating productivity
  3. Enhancing growth and optimizing the portfolio

We are guided by the Luxfer Business Excellence Standard Toolkit, or Luxfer BEST, which includes commercial excellence, new product development, pay for performance and lean operations at its core.

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