LXFR 17.22 -0.24
8 Feb 2023  05 :58 :16
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Luxfer recognizes the value in diversity as a key differentiator. As such, we are committed to actively and aggressively reducing our gender pay gap.

The dataset used to calculate the gender pay gap figures in these reports are comprised of payroll data from our subsidiary operations located in the U.K., namely Luxfer Gas Cylinders Limited in Nottingham, U.K. and Magnesium Elektron Limited in Manchester, U.K. It also includes data from our corporate employees located in the U.K.

As separate legal entities, Luxfer Gas Cylinders Limited and Magnesium Elektron Limited are required to file annual gender pay gap reports separate from that of Luxfer Holdings PLC if they employ 250 or more people as of the snapshot date of 5 April 2021. Since inception of the Act in 2017, both subsidiaries have historically met the 250-employee threshold and have filed separate gender pay gap reports once annually as required by the Act.

As of the snapshot date of April 5, 2021, only Luxfer Gas Cylinders Limited employed greater than 250 employees (2021: 340). A separate Gender Pay Gap Report has been filed for the 2021 reporting year, and can be accessed by clicking the link below. Magnesium Elektron Limited employed 232 people as of the 5 April 2021 snapshot date and is not required to report separately under the Act for the 2021 reporting year.

Although only one of our U.K. subsidiaries is required to report separately from Luxfer Holdings PLC for the 2021 reporting year, we believe it is a useful discipline to calculate and report on the size of each subsidiary’s gender pay gap for consistency and transparency purposes. Data from both entities, as well as data related to corporate employees located in the U.K., are included in the Report for Luxfer Holdings PLC, which covers 100% of our U.K. operations as of the 5 April 2021 snapshot date.


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