Relations with Shareholders

The Board always takes into account the need to treat shareholders equally.

Members of the Board seek to develop an understanding of the views of shareholders of the company in various ways, always taking into account the need to treat shareholders equally.  

The Chief Executive and the Chief Financial Officer hold quarterly investor conference calls as part of Luxfer’s reporting cycle. From time to time, meetings are held either at Investors’ premises or at one of the company’s sites and the Chief Executive and the Chief Financial Officer also attend investor conferences.

AGM documentation is normally sent out at least 20 working days before the meeting. Separate resolutions are proposed and proxy votes for the ordinary shares are recorded. Results for, against and withheld are posted to Luxfer's website. All Directors attend the AGM. Shareholders are given the opportunity through procedures agreed with their brokarage firm, bank or other nominee to vote their number of ordinary shares at the AGM, provided they have submitted valid instructions to their brokerage firm, bank or other nominee by the date set by them for receiving such instructions.