Elektron® 43 alloy to be used in aviation seating

5 March 2014

MANCHESTER, England--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Magnesium Elektron, a world leader in the development, manufacture and supply of high-performance magnesium alloys, has announced the first use of its proprietary Elektron® 43 alloy in aviation seating.

ZIM FLUGSITZ GmbH, a German manufacturer of seating for the aerospace industry, is now producing seats with major structural components made from Elektron® 43. The new seats will provide a significant weight reduction compared to aluminum alloys commonly used for such seating, while retaining the strength and ductility of a metallic component. The first of these new seats are scheduled to enter service later in 2014 in a low-volume non-commercial aviation platform.

Uwe Salzer, Vice President, Research and Development, for ZIM FLUGSITZ, said: “There is always a need for weight reduction, and magnesium can be a solution for certain components.”
Steve Montisci, European Technical Sales Manager, Wrought Products, for Magnesium Elektron, said: “The use of our Elektron® 43 magnesium alloy has enabled ZIM FLUGSITZ to surpass their weight-reduction targets and improve the fuel efficiency and endurance in this new application. They are the first to realise the weight-saving benefits of magnesium for this type of application, and we have enjoyed working with them to achieve this milestone. Although it is still a little early to expect a breakthrough into high-volume applications, this project is an important step and will demonstrate the benefits that Elektron magnesium alloys can bring to future lightweighting strategies for commercial aircraft designers and operators.”

Magnesium Elektron alloys have been widely used in military aircraft for many years, as well as in critical engine components for civil aircraft. During the past decade, Magnesium Elektron has been working with regulatory bodies, aircraft manufacturers and seat manufacturers around the world to gain acceptance for using magnesium in civil aircraft interiors, including changing provisions of SAE standard AS8049 so that magnesium can be approved for use in commercial aircraft with 20 seats or more. In June 2013, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced: “With the results of the Magnesium Full Scale Testing and the progress demonstrated in the development of the lab scale test method the FAA would now allow magnesium in aircraft seats providing the requirements and conditions as set out in the Special Conditions are satisfied.” The FAA, European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the aircraft industry continue their work to finalise the framework of the Special Conditions route for commercial aircraft applications.

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