23 March 2004

23 March 2004
Magnesium Elektron has announced the launch of a new, high performance, magnesium sacrificial anode that will be shown to the public for the first time at the CORROSION NACE Expo in New Orleans, 28th March to the 1st April. The ELEKTRON�MODULAR high performance anode, weighing a huge 5,000 Kgs (11,000 lbs), is the world's largest magnesium anode and has been developed to offer a versatile and reliable solution in protecting marine structures and pipelines from seawater corrosion. 
This unique product, developed in association with Cumberland Cathodic Protection, is the result of three years intensive research and development by Magnesium Elektron's team of metallurgists and process engineers. The team, based at the company's technical centre in Manchester, UK, has developed a component design and magnesium alloy microstructure that enables the anode to be consumed in a highly controlled manner when placed in a seawater environment. This enables the anode to deliver a consistent electrical current to the connected steel structure, protecting it in the seawater environment for many years. 
Chris Dagger, Magnesium Elektron's Divisional Managing Director commented:

�We are delighted to announce this new product which offers a cost effective solution for the protection of major steel structures over their design life.� 
�We are particularly encouraged that a smaller version of the ELEKTRON�MODULAR anode has already been evaluated in a large off shore oil field with one of the world's leading oil companies. The results from the evaluation have confirmed earlier laboratory tests and small-scale trials that the new, innovative, design is capable of delivering consistent performance over an extended period of time. �
Corrosion of steel structures in seawater, above and below seabed level, is an ongoing challenge for the oil, gas and power generation industries in many off-shore regions around the world.  With its unique design and specially formulated metallurgical structure, companies can now specify a reliable, cost effective and low maintenance solution that enables the full potential of magnesium to be realized.   
Magnesium Elektron is a world leader in the production of high performance magnesium alloys and products.  The company began production of magnesium in 1936 at its Manchester plant and subsequently developed a wide range of magnesium alloy systems and products.  In the development of the ELEKTRON�MODULAR anode, for which patent applications have been filed, Magnesium
Elektron has applied its core magnesium alloy & process technology to the field of cathodic protection. 
Magnesium Elektron is part of the Elektron Division of the Luxfer Group which has magnesium manufacturing facilities in England, Germany, North America and the Czech Republic.  Luxfer is an international manufacturer of high performance engineering materials including magnesium alloys, zirconium products, aluminium tube and high pressure gas cylinders.
For further information on the ELEKTRON�MODULAR high performance anode and to receive a free data-pack, visit Magnesium Elektron's website @