Luxfer brings litigation for patent infringement against Molycorp Chemicals & Oxides (Europe)

30 October 2015

SALFORD, England—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Luxfer Holdings PLC today announced that its subsidiary Magnesium Elektron Limited, which under the trading name MEL Chemicals (MEL) is a leader in the manufacture of specialty zirconium compounds, has issued proceedings in the Patents Court at the High Court of Justice in London against Molycorp Chemicals & Oxides (Europe) Limited and its Chinese affiliate Zibo Jia Hua Advanced Material Resources Co. Limited (both subsidiaries of Molycorp, Inc).

This litigation has been brought to address the import and sale in the United Kingdom of rare earth mixed oxide products manufactured in China in infringement of MEL’s granted European Patent number EP (UK) 1 444 036 for the preparation of zirconium-cerium based mixed oxides. MEL manufactures its G4 range of products using this patented process; these products are widely used in the auto-catalyst industry for the manufacture of emissions control catalysts. G4 products are supplied to MEL’s customers globally.

About Luxfer Group

Luxfer is a global materials technology company specializing in the design and manufacture of high-performance materials, components and high-pressure gas-containment devices for environmental, healthcare, protection and specialty end-markets. Luxfer customers include both end-users of its products and manufacturers that incorporate Luxfer products into finished goods. The company operates 21 manufacturing plants in seven countries.

Luxfer products include highly specialized magnesium alloys, powders, extrusions, plate and rolled sheet used in aerospace, automotive, defense, photo-engraving and medical applications; magnesium-based heating pads for self-heating meals used by the military and emergency relief agencies; an extensive line of self-heating meals, beverages and soups for military and civilian end-users; zirconium chemicals used in automotive and industrial catalysts, filters, and ceramics; chemical agent detection and decontamination kits; seawater desalination kits; high-pressure aluminum and composite gas cylinders used to contain medical oxygen, breathing air for firefighters, compressed natural gas for alternative-fuel vehicles and high-purity specialty gases for electronics and pharmaceutical manufacturing, environmental monitoring and laboratory uses; and metal panels “superformed” into complex shapes for aerospace, automotive and rail applications. For more information, visit


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