Luxfer-GTM ZeroSet provides mobile power for Super Bowl

8 February 2016

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (Feb. 8, 2016)—Three ZeroSet™ mobile hydrogen fuel cell generators from Luxfer-GTM Technologies provided quiet, dependable, zero-emission electrical power for the Super Bowl 50 fan village here for eight days.

The ZeroSet-Generation 3 is the only portable, zero-emission power generator on the market capable of such extended run times—up to 18 days or longer of continuous power depending on the duty cycle and fuel cylinder configuration. The unit uses 350-bar (5,000-psig) Luxfer lightweight composite cylinders that can be refilled at any hydrogen fueling station.

Fuel cells provide 60 percent operating efficiencies compared to traditional gas or diesel generators, which are only 20% to 25% efficient, as well as stable power curves for specific applications where clean power-wave energy is critical. Because it has almost no moving parts, the ZeroSet is also highly reliable.

The ZeroSet-Gen 3 offers portable energy for a diverse range of applications from back-up power for critical electronic infrastructure to primary power for movies sets and portable cell tower deployments.

Since the total weight of cylinders and hydrogen is under 1,000 pounds, the ZeroSet-Gen 3 is towable by most vehicles and does not require a hazmat endorsed driver or placarding, which increases deployment flexibility. Also available within the ZeroSet-Gen 3 is a second 5kW fuel cell that doubles the power output with only a minimal increase in system weight.

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