2 November 2007

Luxfer Introduces Supernatural scuba tank at DEMA show

ORLANDO, Florida
(Oct. 31-Nov. 2, 2007)

Luxfer Gas Cylinders introduced its new Supernatural� line of aluminum scuba tanks at the annual Dive Equipment Manufacturers' Association (DEMA) exhibition and tradeshow.

Described by Luxfer as �the most beautiful ugly tank we've ever made,� the Supernatural features Luxfer's proprietary, crack-resistant L6X� aluminum alloy, as well as a special heat-treatment process that gives the tank's external surface a super corrosion-resistant oxide barrier. �Luxfer's L6X alloy is already corrosion-resistant, and our heat treatment makes it even more so� said Kathryn Gamboa, Luxfer's scuba sales manager.

The external oxide-barrier on the Supernatural is left intact�no blasting, brushing or painting. �That means the gray external surface of the tank isn't very pretty� Ms. Gamboa said. �But the Supernatural is not only the most corrosion-resistant tank you can buy, it's also the easiest to maintain�and dive professionals tell us they care more about those benefits than initial appearance, especially since unpainted or stripped aluminum tanks eventually turn gray, anyway, when exposed to water.�

Owners of large tank fleets will especially benefit from the ease of maintenance offered by the Supernatural. �We think they'll find that our �ugly' tank is actually beautiful� Ms. Gamboa said.