28 November 2006

Luxfer launches next-generation oxygen cylinders for ambulatory patients

NOTTINGHAM, England � Luxfer Gas Cylinders launched its revolutionary new range of Luxfer Medical oxygen cylinders for ambulatory patients at Medica 2006 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Marketed under the trade names Voyage�, Excursion� and Odyssey�, these next-generation cylinders were specifically developed to enhance freedom and mobility for ambulatory patients reliant on oxygen both in and out of home.

Voyage products are all-metal cylinders manufactured from Luxfer's patented, higher-strength L7X� aluminium alloy. Excursion products are hoop-wrapped cylinders with exclusive L7X aluminium liners. Odyssey products are ultra-lightweight carbon composite cylinders.

Vicky Butler, Luxfer's international medical marketing manager explained: �Luxfer's new range of carbon composite and hoop-wrap cylinders provide patients with up to 50% more oxygen than conventional aluminium cylinders of the same size�with the added advantage of a compact, lightweight design. For example, Odyssey and Voyage cylinders can be filled to 300-bar pressure, increasing oxygen delivery time considerably and thus allowing users much greater freedom and mobility than ever before.

�Increased oxygen capacity is important to patients who gain much more ambulation time and need to change cylinders far less often,� she continued. �Homecare providers also benefit, saving money on deliveries since fewer trips to patients' homes are required in this era of ever-increasing fuel costs.�

Long-term oxygen therapy (LTOT), when properly prescribed and maintained, is the only non-surgical therapy clinically proven to extend the lives of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and low blood-oxygen levels. In addition to prolonging life, LTOT improves the quality of life for many patients who use oxygen-dispensing units in homes and vehicles.

During the Medica 2006 exhibition, Luxfer hosted a fund-raising event on behalf of the British Lung Foundation's �Find the Missing Millions' campaign by inviting visitors to donate one euro in return for a decorative piggy bank.

Lightweight Luxfer Medical cylinders are widely used throughout Europe, North America and Asia.

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