Luxfer Magtech donates $10,000 to Red Cross to Assist Communities Hit by Hurricanes

18 September 2017

CINCINNATI, Ohio—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Luxfer Magtech®, an operating division of Luxfer Group (NYSE: LXFR), has donated $10,000 to the American Red Cross to assist with disaster relief in communities affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Hurricane Irma in Florida.

Luxfer Magtech Executive Vice President Tim Zimmerman said: “Our company wants to make this donation to help with disaster-relief efforts in the wake of the recent, catastrophic hurricanes that have caused unbelievable hardships for so many residents in Texas and Florida.”

The formal presentation of the donation to Red Cross representatives aired on Cincinnati’s local Fox 19 News as part of a Red Cross telethon.

Luxfer Magtech manufactures HeaterMeals® self-heating meals and Cafe2Go® self-heating beverages that are used by the Red Cross, FEMA and other disaster-relief and emergency management agencies.

Luxfer Magtech also manufactures a variety of magnesium-based products, including specialized powders in flameless heaters used with HeaterMeals, Cafe2Go and U.S. military Meals, Ready-to-Eat™ (MRE™).


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