22 October 2009

Newly Established Magnesium Armour Plate Spec MIL-DTL-32333 is Published


22 October 2009

The new publication of MIL-DTL-32333 is the first US magnesium armour plate military specification. This new publication is approved for use by the Department of the Army and is available for use by all Departments and Agencies of the US Department of Defense. Magnesium Elektron NA ("MENA") manufactures AZ31B-H24 armour plate, and has worked closely with USARL on ballistic testing of magnesium plate over a number of years to achieve this goal.

The advent of the MIL-DTL 32333 spec for magnesium alloy AZ31B-H24 ballistic armour plate, will not only provide troops with a lighter weight solution for ultimate protection in the field, improved mobility and fuel efficiency for military hardware, but it will also encourage innovation among materials engineers during the design phase. Whether used in conjunction with other materials in clad or composite form, or as a stand-alone armour plate application, there is now a lighter weight option available to that of traditionally used armour materials.

Since the 1980's, MENA's same rolling facility has produced many tonnes of aluminium 5083 armour plate. It now specialises in magnesium armour plate.

The establishment of the magnesium armour plate spec extends the range and life of a long-standing magnesium wrought product portfolio, and will now support a broader array of demanding applications. Additionally, new wrought magnesium applications are in development. WE43 and new Elektron 675 alloy are under development in rolled sheet and plate form, with the intention of incorporating these alloys within the new armour plate spec when the ballistic testing is complete, and in conjunction with the USARL. Both Elektron 675 and WE43 are higher performance alloys, and WE43 is a more creep-resistant/higher temperature alloy than AZ31B.

The Magnesium Elektron Division is a world leader in the production of high performance magnesium alloys and products. Magnesium Elektron UK began production of magnesium in 1936 at its Manchester, UK plant and subsequently developed a wide range of magnesium alloy systems and products. The company is part of the Luxfer Group, an international manufacturer of high performance engineering materials including magnesium alloys, zirconium products and high pressure lightweight gas cylinders.

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