MEL Chemicals Providing guidance to the next generation

19 May 2016

Emiliana Dvininov and Dave Scapens supported a group of 4 students from Manchester Grammar School on a project looking into the shaping zirconium powders.

All the projects will be reviewed by a team of assessors and the Celebration Day will be held at the University of Liverpool on 20th April.

Both Emiliana and Dave encourage all our chemists to get involved in these sorts of projects as they open new doors from a personal development point of view.

Here are some of the comments the students have made about what they have experienced as part of this project.

“I am extremely grateful to have been offered a place on the Engineering Education Scheme and to have had the opportunity to work with MEL Chemicals…. This provided me with real life chemical engineering experience which I would certainly not have access to just within school and the A-Level syllabus.”

Rohan Mohindra

“…Although beforehand I had an interest in studying a university course in an area of engineering, this practical knowledge and real world experience has given me an insight into what life as an engineer will be like. This has definitely increased my desire to follow this career path.”

Ben Murphy

“…Working with professional engineers and with lab grade equipment and chemicals is an opportunity that not many students will have, and so has provided the entire team with invaluable skills and knowledge that may give us an advantage when entering the world of work or further study…”

Joe Deehan

“…Before this project, I had never worked so closely with a well-established company like MEL Chemicals or produced a report to solve an actual problem. Having aspirations in pursuing a career in STEM (Science, Technology, and Engineering & Maths), this gave me a thorough practical introduction to the industry…”

Prateek Mehan