Nano Materiels for Diesel Particulate Filters

21 March 2012


SWINTON, England
March 21 2012

MEL Chemicals have extended their range of nano technology products by the addition of new nano materials that aid combustion and release oxygen within a diesel particulate filter.

The increasing need for controlled diesel engine emissions and the enforcement of stricter regulations to reduce diesel exhaust products lead to an ever increasing use of diesel particulate filters. In their simplest form a diesel particulate filter collects the soot, but then diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC) and catalysed particulate filters (CDPF) help to improve performance by the oxidation of the soot.

The nano particles developed by MEL for use in the diesel particulate filter aid combustion and make the product more efficient.

This new range of nano products is the latest innovation resulting from MEL's extensive investment in research and product development. The new nano materials work within diesel catalyst and diesel particulate filters in a more efficient way than standard alternatives.

This product development strengthens MEL´s position as the market leader in nano particulate materials and in many other inorganic chemicals. The product is already in use with some of MEL´s existing customers.

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MEL Chemicals is a division of Luxfer Group.