1 May 2005

1 May 2005
2005 sees the launch of a strategic collaboration between two companies that are �fluent in aluminium'. Superform Aluminium and CPP Prototypes (website have forged a partnership that will give automotive and motor-sports clients an integrated metal-forming solution for high quality aluminium body panels.

Above: CMM inspection and welding of the Spkyer Chassis

The two companies have already collaborated successfully on the manufacture of boot and bonnet assemblies for Mitsubishi's World Rally Car and several new projects are about to start. The superforming process allows material thickness to be controlled to exacting tolerances and panel weight can be minimised without compromising strength. CPP assembles inner and outer panels and undertakes all metal-finishing and final inspection to ensure that the end product meets precise client requirements.The collaboration will bring clients benefits such as reduced lead times for panel production, unrivalled manufacturing quality and simplified logistics. Andy Lowerson, sales manager of Superform said, "By forming this alliance Superform and CPP can offer a complete service, including initial prototypes and low volume builds, by combining the craft and skills of CPP with the production and process capabilities of Superform."

The partnership is now looking at ways of reducing panel weight even further, without reducing stiffness. Inner door skins, superformed from sheet magnesium, can be used with aluminium outer skins to give an incredibly weight-efficient solution for sports and racing applications.