30 September 2009

New Atomizer for Powders 

September 2009

TAMAQUA, PA, USA - In response to the demands of the Department of Defense, Magnesium Elektron Powders recently upgraded its magnesium powder atomiser, more than doubling its production capacity. The upgraded system has a new energy efficient furnace, a new high-tech robotic ingot feeding & pre-heating system, and a new powder handling & recovery system. The upgrades incorporate the highest safety standards and make the plant even more environmentally friendly. 

Military dignitaries from all branches of the US Department of Defense, key customers, key vendors, and government representatives were present at the ribbon cutting ceremony held in September 2009. Jim Gardella, President of Magnesium Elektron Powders, in his opening remarks stated, �We believe in and practice �Buy America' as all of our products are sourced and produced in the United States, this includes raw materials and all production supplies.  All the jobs are in the US and the technology is Hart's own proprietary technology.�

 Al Beuster, Director of Industrial Support Directorate, Joint Munitions Command, Rock Island, IL gave the keynote address at the ceremony: �The Folks at Hart Metals are certainly doing things the right way. I want to commend the Hart Metal folks for their actions and accomplishments. Thanks for what you have done in the past and thanks for what you are doing here today�. He further said, ��magnesium powder is used in some 120 types of flares and ammunition items required by our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines.  There is no room for error, each device must perform exactly how it is supposed to every single time it is used � American lives depend on it!�