11 July 2005

Magnesium Elektron today announced that a radical new high temperature, high strength, lightweight wrought alloy, ELEKTRON� 675, has entered the final stages of development.

ELEKTRON� 675 is the world's strongest magnesium alloy at temperatures above 100oC. It has been developed to simplify the world of high temperature machined components across a broad range of markets including; aerospace, defence, specialised automotive, space and motorsport. Applications are expected to be in the temperature range of 100oC to 300oC, where lightweight, strength and ease of production are important.

With strength in excess of wrought 2000 and 7000 series aluminium above 100oC, this groundbreaking magnesium technology offers a new dimension for designers. At 200oC, yield strength is 290MPa, and the ultimate tensile strength is 380 MPa. This is over 100% stronger than 2024 series aluminium, and more than 200% stronger than 7075 series aluminium. These properties are achieved at less than half the weight of titanium, and in direct contrast to the difficulties of processing titanium, magnesium is the fastest machining metal, restricted only by the power of the machine or the sharpness of the tool.

Magnesium Elektron is a world leader in the development of high performance magnesium alloys, with over 60 years experience in the aerospace, defence, motorsport and automotive industries. The company is part of the Luxfer Group, an international manufacturer of high performance engineering materials including magnesium alloys, zirconium products, aluminium tube and high pressure gas cylinders.

ELEKTRON� 675 is the result of four years of research and development by Magnesium Elektron's world renowned UK Technology Centre. By pushing the metallurgical boundaries of magnesium technology, this material is set to define a new chapter in lightweight wrought alloys.

Magnesium Elektron is interested in discussing potential applications with end users in order to refine the final steps of the ELEKTRON� 675 development programme and to ensure that the final product meets market demand.

For more information on ELEKTRON� 675 and to discuss your requirements, please contact: Nick Jeal , Applications Development Manager , Magnesium Elektron , Rake Lane , Swinton , Manchester , M27 8DD.