14 March 2010

Superform to Supply 27 Panels for the New Honda Jet

March 2010

Superform USA began marketing SPF Titanium products in January 2009.  By mid March, they gained their first contract with a brand new customer when Honda Aircraft Company Inc selected Superform to supply twenty different spf panels for the engine nacelles. Most are spf aluminium, but two are spf titanium. 

The Honda Jet is a new entry in the VLJ (Very Light Jet) category and has been well received. Superform Aluminium was awarded the contract to supply 27 different spf Aluminium panels for the mid and rear section of the engine nacelle, which makes this a first for Superform division to jointly gain a full supply package on the same aircraft. 

Superform also manufactures parts for a number of aircraft in this market segment including Raytheon/HBC, Cessna and Piper.