Magnesium Elektron's SynerMag Bioresorbable Alloy Named 2016 Product of the Year

1 December 2016

Bionow is an organization that supports business growth, competitiveness and innovation within the biomedical and life science sectors across Northern England.

SynerMag alloy is used to make patient implants that are only required on a temporary basis. The alloy is already the key structural material in Magmaris, the world’s first clinically proven, bioresorbable metallic cardiovascular scaffold, which is manufactured by Biotronik. Because it is made of magnesium, the scaffold has some unique advantages over polymer-based options in terms of deliverability and radial resistance following the implantation procedure. After repairing an artery over a several-month period, the SynerMag-based Magmaris scaffold resorbs naturally, allowing vessels to restore vasomotion as soon as six months after the procedure.

Dr. Liz Mear, chief executive of Innovation Agency, which sponsored the Product of the Year award, presented the award to Graham Wardlow, managing director of Magnesium Elektron, and Paul Lyon, head of programmes technology. Dr. Mear praised Magnesium Elektron for applying its technical knowledge from the company’s existing market sectors to create a new platform technology for the life sciences arena. Mr. Wardlow thanked his development team in the U.K. for “their incredible persistence and commitment over the past 10 years.” He also thanked and recognized Biotronik “for their cooperation throughout the development of SynerMag.”

SynerMag won the award ahead of competition from products used to treat cystic fibrosis and iron-deficiency anemia in patients with inflammatory bowel disease. Geoff Davison, chief executive of Bionow, said: “The shortlist for this year’s awards was a who’s who of talent in the Northern Region and a testament to the strength and depth of the life sciences sector in the North of England. Each and every one of these businesses is making a name for itself on the national and global stage in life sciences innovation, attracting investment and providing solutions that have the potential to be game-changing in the industry.”

SynerMag alloy is produced at a purpose-built, state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing center in Manchester. One of the most advanced facilities of its kind, the center achieved ISO 13485 certification in 2014. “Our SynerMag Technology Center ensures that life science companies partnering with Magnesium Elektron have a class-leading facility in the supply of this new generation of bioresorbable materials,” Mr. Wardlow said.

About Magnesium Elektron

Founded in 1936, Magnesium Elektron ( is an operating company of Luxfer Group (NYSE: LXFR,, a global materials technology company specializing in the design and manufacture of high-performance materials, components and gas-containment devices for environmental, healthcare, protection and specialty end-markets.

*Pictured right*

Magnesium Elektron's biomedical team receive the prestigious 2016 Bionow Product of the Year Award for its revolutionary SynerMag® bioresorbable magnesium alloy. Left to right: Dr. Robert Thornton, Graham Wardlow, Dr. Sarka Jeremic, Ismet Syed, Paul Lyon, Mathew Quinn and Steven Heaney.

New state-of-the-art SynerMag® Technology Center at Magnesium Elektron in Manchester, England.