Luxfer designs and manufactures high-performance products for defense and emergency response, healthcare, transportation, and general industrial applications. We have leading positions in key product areas, including magnesium alloys for defense, aerospace, and photoengraving, zirconium catalysts for automotive and industrial applications, and high pressure aluminum and composite cylinders. 


As a manufacturer of highly engineered materials, we are aware of the potential environmental cost of doing business. We believe that it is possible for profitable business growth to coexist with the natural world. To address the environmental impact of our manufacturing, we are taking steps to improve the operational efficiency of all our facilities. Additionally, safety and environmental performance objectives, such as loss of containment of hazardous materials, are integrated into operational scorecards, which are reviewed by the Board of Directors and factored into our Executives’ performance evaluations. These actions enable us to continue to produce the critical products on which our customers depend while holding ourselves accountable to the environment to the greatest extent possible.